Day 181~ Young Galaxy “Cover Your Tracks”

Happy Friday!
SO I am excited to say that I have reached my traffic limit of 100GB for 365music! YAY! I love that because it means that you all listen, and that is great. But with this great news comes necessary changes. Being a blogger doesn’t pay monetarily…just in love. SO, in the effort to not rack up large monthly bills I am only making music available for two weeks, then it has to come down. I have also added a Pay Pal donation link to the sidebar. All donations go directly to keeping 365music alive and singing. I hate asking for money, so I’m not, it’s up to you, it’s there, if you feel like donating please do…thank you in advance.

SO now THAT is out of the way…here is your song for today. I am seeing Young Galaxy tomorrow night along with Junior Boys, who I LOVE. Young Galaxy makes me really happy though. They use a lot of Steel Drum an have male and female vocals and yeah, they are totally up my ally.

Shapeshifting - Young Galaxy

One thought on “Day 181~ Young Galaxy “Cover Your Tracks”

  1. Young Galaxy fan September 23, 2011 / 4:14 pm


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