Day 195~ Future Islands “Before The Bridge”

I am SO obsessed with Future Islands. Sam Herring’s voice is so raw and emotional and his range blows my mind. In this song, his vocals remind me of muppet Dracula’s at the end of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, the final Rock Opera scene. This is a good thing. In others, he sounds totally different, but always brings the emotion. The melodies on their new album are super catchy, totally engaging. Their album comes out next Tuesday October 11th.

This video and song make me so happy. I love the theme of “Balance”

OK so….I do this blog expecting absolutely nothing in return. I love love love sharing music with people. I believe that I have been put in the career path that I am in for this sole purpose.
However, the costs of being able to provide my readers with streaming music, and hosting the music as well as bandwidth, have increased significantly since my readership went up. This is blessing, but also comes with changes. If you would like to help out and support 365music please donate just a little here.
If you can’t donate, that is totally ok, please share this site, pass it on, like it, etc. That supports me as well. I appreciate you all!

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