Day 207~ Portishead “Threads”

I feel like I have arrived in my concert going experiences. I have seen David Bowie, and now I have seen Portishead. Last night’s show was magical to say the least. Perfect, tear-enducing, awesome set list everything I had hoped for an more. They did “Threads” right before the encore of “Roads”.
It took me awhile for the album Third to grow on me. I am just so attached to the self titled and Dummy. I have bonded with it, accept it and love it.

Portishead “Threads”

One thought on “Day 207~ Portishead “Threads”

  1. karma October 20, 2011 / 12:38 pm

    YOU SAW DAVID BOWIE?! How? I mean, was it with the NIN tour back in the late nineties? I didn’t think he’d done a tour since then. HE’S NOT TOURING NOW, IS HE? I eagerly await your reply!


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