Day 251~ The Marches “Cold Hand Warms Heart”

SO I love Spotify. I am ALWAYS listening to it. I would love to hear that the artists/labels are getting paid a fair share from their music being included on it, but it is so new in the US and they are ironing out those kinks. I know it is happening in other countries, just not here yet. Boo.
Anyways…If you have Spotify…add me, my username is below, just plug that in to the search field and bam, there I am. I’ve also included a link to a playlist I made. I am going to start doing that more, making playlists for my readers so they can find new stuff and help make sure those artists get more plays, then…more pays. (yeah, I said it.)

4 A.M. Is the New Midnight - The Marches

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