Day 320~ Mark Ronson, ft Erykah Badu “A La Modeliste”

I went to the premiere of RE:GENERATION and it was SO fantastic. I love the concept, taking 5 electronic/hip-hop artists and having them collaborate with 5 legends from traditional music genres to see what happens. The film is honest, educational, funny and just all around exciting. I love the humility that all of the current trending artists display when they are with the legends, their egos are stripped and you get to see them as the vulnerable musicians they are.

“Music will never die as long as it is kept fresh”~ DJ Premiere

I really like all of the tracks that came out of this, but this one sounds the most organic to me. It wasn’t a far stretch, Mark Ronson doing Jazz, so he was able to really keep the true essence of the Jazz genre more so than the other artists did with their genres. You can download the whole soundtrack with remixes here.

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