Day 8~ Queen Orlenes “Bones”

My oldest childhood friend (basically knew each other in the womb) is an incredibly talented singer in a band that I want to see succeed more than anything, Queen Orlenes. I learned that Brooke was a singer in a rock’n roll band just a couple years ago and have been following her career all the way to her current role as lead singer for Queen Orlenes. Her vocals are strong, passionate, bluesy, sexy, captivating, I could go on. Queen Orlenes are pure musicians, writing and performing music because they love it and are passionate about it, not for the money or success. Their lyrics are so relatable and intimate, revealing stories of their personal and professional hardships, letting their listeners know that they are never alone. Right now their EP is available on their site, and they are headed back to NYC after being in the UK for many years to do more writing, recording and performing. You heard them here first if you haven’t already, so tell your friends.

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