Day 44~ Damon Albarn “The Marvelous Dream”

I LOVE Damon Albarn. Everything he does is genius to me, and that absolutely applies to his newest album Dr Dee. It is a concept album about the life of Dr. John Dee, the soundtrack to a stage play.

“an English mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, occultist, navigator, imperialist and consultant to Queen Elizabeth I… devoted to studying alchemy, divination and Hermetic philosophy”

It is a collection of choral, Blur’esque ballads and Elizabethan period classical ambience and sound design. You are taken on the life journey of this fascinating man, through the eyes of a mad musical genius (in my eyes).

Dr Dee - Damon Albarn


One thought on “Day 44~ Damon Albarn “The Marvelous Dream”

  1. Talcum X May 15, 2012 / 7:58 am

    I was always more of a Noel Gallagher man myself but I cannot help but admire Damon Albarn. His talent cannot be denied and he seems like a decent enough fella too.


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