Day 169~ Marijuana Deathsquads feat. Channy Leaneagh “Top Down”

There are SO many things that I love about this song. One of them of course is the vocals by Channy Leaneagh, Polica’s Channy Leaneagh. She takes this song to a whole new level, the sexy level.
And the lyric “don’t mess up my bangs, i don’t want no one touchin’ my bangs”, I can relate to, I am sure you can too.
Annnnd I love this trippy/vibey R&B sound a’ la The Weeknd…
Annnnnd, at the end it sounds like she is singing “take me down to downtown Culver City”. I work in Culver City, so yeah, that’s cool too.
AND the name Marijuana Death Squads is pretty legit.
here is their soundcloud.

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