Day 232~ Rone “Parade”

I am about to get astrological on you…this song seemed so perfect for today’s solar eclipse and new moon in Scorpio. Yes, I follow these types of things. This song just sounds so expansive and hopeful, which is what this new moon is all about, letting go of past things that no longer serve you so that you can expand your world, make your life bigger.

Scorpio New Moon wishes/affirmations from Astrology Goddess

“*I wish to be empowered/I am empowered
*I wish to have self mastery/I have self mastery
*I wish to let go of those things in my life that no longer serve me/I am letting go of those things in my life that no longer serve me
*I am open to meeting my soulmate
*I able to handle myself in times of crisis
*I avoid power struggles
*I enjoy positive financial partnerships
*I am in tune with the cycles of my life,and understand the importance of endings and beginnings

Affirmation: By looking inwards and facing my fears,I give myself permission to shed the skins of yesteryear.By doing this I create the space to invite in the courage to manifest my dreams.

~Thank you Daily DoitGirl

Rone is amazing, his new album came out last week and from what I have heard of it already, it is gorgeous.

Tohu Bohu - Rone

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