Day 339~ Cold Specks “Winter Solstice”

People ask me all the time how I go about finding the music that I post on my blog, and how after almost 4 years, I continue to stay motivated to do it. Well, the answer to the first question is, I get sent music all the time, by my readers, labels, publishers, artists themselves. I am on Spotify, subscribe other blogs (two of my favorites are this one and this one), email blasts from online music publications. I also have my go to favorite artists who are always on my iPod and I hear sometimes in the morning on the way into work, a song will just click with me as a theme for the day, so I post it. And how do I stay motivated? By you, the readers; listening, commenting, loving and disliking. I am moved by music, driven by it, it always speaks to me and usually tells me exactly what I need to hear, beyond the lyrics; I don’t think it will ever stop doing that. The day it does is the day I will stop writing this blog.

I love the purity of this song, it is simply beautiful.

Cold Specks Website


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