Day 364~ Dan Owen “Ballad of Hollis Brown” (Bob Dylan)

LISTEN, This 21 year old/young man is absolutely incredible.
His story is amazing, he is amazing and has yet to record in a studio, everything you hear now is live.

He flunked his music exam. Well, of course he did. Trying to teach Dan Owen about music is like trying to teach a fish to swim, or a bird to fly. He already knows it. It’s instinctive. It comes naturally. He’s been playing since he was nine, playing live since he was 13 and will probably continue to do until he leaves this mortal coil. Dan is a lifer. He’s not playing guitar to win a competition, to impress girls or to earn a fast buck – though the last two of those would be nice. Nah. Dan’s the real deal. He’s in it for the long haul. There’s nothing fake or manufactured about Dan….Dan’s voice is a thing of beauty. It’s as much of an instrument as his battered Gibson guitar.

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