Matt Corby “Monday”

Matt Corby hasn’t released any music in 2 years, and I haven’t written a blog in over a year; I want to thank Matt Corby for releasing this beautiful, soulful, natural and raw song today.  I have sat for the last week wanting to write a “new” first posting on 365music, wanting to share music that I love with you, music that you don’t know about or might have forgotten about and need to be reminded of how beautiful and relevant to life it is at the exact moment you listen;  but I didn’t write, until today.

Thank you Matt Corby for coming back around with your music after taking the time that you needed to do whatever it is you needed to do, experience life,  create, seek inspiration and then find the courage to release it to us. I also needed that time, and your new song “Monday” has inspired me to come back around again.

The format of 365music will be different this time. I wrote a post a day for 4 years, every single day, and that is not realistic for me right now. What I can do, and am very excited to do again is share songs, artists, experiences, love, insight and motivation that I find, with you, whenever I can. Spoonfuls of delicious audio, visual, spiritual and soulful delights.

I know it’s Wednesday…I can Monday if I want.

Monday is about being able to appreciate where you are and thinking that maybe you don’t need anything much to depend on, you just need accept what’s going on right now x Matt Corby

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