Day 2~ David Bowie – As The World Falls Down (From Labyrinth)

I know this song will bring a smile and some strange form of comfort to many of my favorite beings~ and hopefully beyond. I had no idea there was an “official” video of it until just now, I always just went to the “Labyrinth” music video- below, but this is amazing.

Some things helped make today a good day, a better day. Here they are-

~ I did a Yin Yoga/Qi Gong practice using the 6 healing sounds to restore emotional balance. It helped, a lot. My mind is chattering away, it wants to relax. My body is clenching and tightening, nervous system on high, it wants to relax. My soul is a little more relaxed and this practice helps mind/body meet it. The 6 healing sounds are a medical Qi Gong practice. Legit.

~ I did this incredibly beautiful guided meditation that sent me on a journey to a new world, the new world, to see how beautiful it could be. We are deep in the trudge right now, but I 10000% there is the other side of it.

~I talked to my best friend and her bursts of sunshine littles and her sweet soulmate. We cried together.

~I made a bomb gluten/dairy free quiche with kale, mushrooms and other veggies that were almost on their way out- I refuse to let ANYTHING go to waste. Anything. I also juiced some apples and grapefruits that we had.

~I listened and watched my husband sort his seed collection so we can start sprouting and growing our more veggies, herbs and flowers to share.

~I checked in on family and friends and made some dates to teach/entertain their little ones this week.

~Set up some friends who don’t know each other but have kids who are similar ages for virtual pen pal dates. Parents are on the first date and prompt sometimes shy little ones with questions for the other little one over zoom or skype or whatever. A chance to make friends around the world perhaps? Getting kids to ask and answer questions with each other is super social- even from a distance.

There’s other stuff, but those are highlights. What helped you?

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