Day 3~ Tracy Chapman "Stand by Me" (Live from David Letterman)

There is such an ease in Tracy’s performance here- she is exuding warmth, eyes filled with light, smile on her face. It’s soft, it’s gentle, it’s a plea from the heart -our collective hearts.

Some things that helped make today a good day

~ I did a Kundalini Yoga with my soul fam, taught by my friend and teacher Kjord Davis – this being brings so much astral authenticity, realness, movement, meditation goodness. Did this yoga outside, in the sun in my backyard.

~ Sat and listened to music. There are so many artists who are performing live for us from their living rooms. Today I watched Roo Panes play piano and Hozier sing to us from his living room through Global Citizen ‘s #TogetherAtHome series.

~I turned our dinning room into an office. Took out a cat’ified rug, moved the table to face a window looking out into our front yard, added some plants and crystals (in a perfect place for them to shine in the sun) – I made it a place that I will be stoked to work from. In class this morning, Kjord suggested that we “change 33 things” in our home right now- it could help you feel like you have control over more things in a chaotic time, plus re-organization, purging, and movement of objects creates more intention filled energy flow in the home. Put on a playlist and move some s*** around.

~ I toured the National Gallery DC’s galleries through their instagram stories (while listening to music)

~I put together a couple of care packages for friends with essential oils, stickers and notes to send off tomorrow. Packaged in envelopes/boxes that can and will be disinfected when received. Speaking of essential oils. If you have cedarwood oil, I recommend rubbing some on your right big toe before bed. It helps with circular thinking and anxiety. Also, sandalwood for emotional balance grounding is everything right now- i’m freaking out much less. If you have any questions about essential oils please comment below or email me and i’ll hook you up with what I know.

~ I wrote an email to a neighbor down the street from me thanking her for how beautifully she keeps her home and gardens. Her garden is a wonderland (I too now have “your body is a wonderland” in my head, sorry…hopefully you’re still listening to todays song) , filled with citrus trees, herbs, flowers of all colors, a rock wall garden boxes. The front gardens are kept a bit more on the wild side, which I appreciate. It’s a white washed brick house with a Provence blue door and slate gray shutters. It slows me down whenever I walk by it- i love taking it all in. There’s so much that I could learn from her.

2 thoughts on “Day 3~ Tracy Chapman "Stand by Me" (Live from David Letterman)

  1. Eleanor Tillinghast March 22, 2020 / 4:16 pm

    Marcy, that video is a wonderful posting. It brought tears to my eyes. I have forwarded it to many friends. Thanks so much for posting it. XO Eleanor



    • marcyb52 March 22, 2020 / 4:17 pm

      You’re so welcome Eleanor!! I’m so happy to know that you’re listening to my blog 🙂 I hope you are all well and safe and have everything and everyone you need close by!


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