Day 4~ Canine "Laughing"

I found Canine on one of my deep dives into the Universal Music France catalog- which is part of my job- crate digging through our global catalog. This song has an epic rock opera vibe that just lifts and lifts and lifts me up.

Things that made today a better day

~ I did some early morning Kundalini Yoga to get myself into my body and out of my mind, allowing the two to be one so I could stay present all day, which I think I have done a pretty ok job at so far.

~ I got a “thinking of you” card from my dearest friend Elise -she is an epic creator, writer, ignitor, and and and and and….she’s amazing.

~ I received a package from Kauai Farmacy with a ginger tincture and a lemon balm tincture (full disclosure- I do get 20% off for sharing this link, AND so do you). Lemon balm is really good for soothing the nervous system and the Kauai Farmacy tincture has been my tried and true for about a year- pretty instant results. I’m going to be spiking all of my teas and waters with the ginger tincture for extra warmth and heat in my belly along with an extra immunity boost.

~I moved a chair with a fluffy blanket on it next to my desk so my cats could sleep on it while I work (simple things)

~ I put my feet in the earth and did a Qi Gong flow followed by my self Reiki attuning.

~I watched these artists perform live on Instagram- Nahkobear / James Blake / Christine and the Queens (Via Together At Home) and Olafur Arnalds with Rhye

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