Day 5~ Mercedes Sosa "Gracias a la vida"

The first time I heard this song I cried. I put it on repeat and didn’t stop listening to it for days. I do not speak Spanish, but I knew what it meant. I know the feeling of gratitude, the light it brings in the dark times. I recognized the emotion behind her delivery of the song as I get waves of it every couple of hours in between bouts of fear. I’m sharing the lyric video with you, so you can see the translation, but my favorite version of the song is live, and it’s in the Spotify/Apple links below- I recommend listening to those first.

Things that helped make today a better day

~ My husband and I had a really nice long talk, seeing both sides of an issue that has come up a couple of times for us. Then we made soup together.

~ Did Yoga with my soul fam on a zoom call this morning

~ Had some fun conference calls with my work team about a really exciting project coming up which allows me to use ALL of my favorite skills.

~ Skyped with my Dad for a bit (it was last night, but it made today better)

~ I watched this video on youtube- I love “Schitt’s Creek” so much, if you haven’t watch it yet, do yourself a favor and watch. It takes a couple of episodes to get into it, but once you do, it’s all laughs and bliss.

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