Day 8 ~ Red Moon “Slow Down”

Red Moon‘s music is stunning. SO much weight in her lyrics, emotion, strength and otherworldliness (is that a word?) in her delivery, magical and multi-dimensional elementals in the production. She is an artist that should absolutely be on your radar.

Things that made today a better day

~ Had a call this morning with 14 powerful women that left me feeling supercharged and motivated to…..take care of myself and slow down more than I have been. My strength can be in my ability to balance my input (receiving, self-care, healing) with my output (being the healer of others, saving the world, being on the frontline more, doing all of the things). The time will come when all of my strength is needed and it’s not here yet, I’m in unwind and refuel mode.

~ Woke up to a newly commissioned remix in my email box that absolutely blew my mind and brought on tears of hope and joy. Can’t share it yet, but hopefully soon.

~I organized a virtual “movie night” with some friends. We will be watching “Labyrinth” over a text chain and then a FaceTime dance party to “Dance Magic Dance”

~ I IM’d with my brother for a while about very NOT COVID19 topics- we shared music and ideas and stories and stuff.

~ I watched this super inspiring video a couple of times.

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