Rhys Lewis “Living in the City”

I’m not going to number the days anymore. I don’t want to be a number pusher right now. We are all already being inundated with numbers and statistics and seeing the days of quarantine accumulate~ and I just can’t bring that anymore. So, it’s a song and a “things that helped make today a better day” sharing blog- who cares about what day it is anyway.

I love this song, the energy, Rhys’s voice and the lyrics- I get it. I want to go deep into the forest, by a river and live in a hobbit house with my husband and my cats. The house would be surrounded in gardens and herbs that I would use as medicine and there would be no 5G, and no cell towers and a general store close enough, and we would turn into forest elves. But I also want to be exactly where I am. I can forest elf here too.

There’s a part of my soul that wants to let go,

Wants to just run away.

But the rest of my soul says I should say,

I should stay!

One thought on “Rhys Lewis “Living in the City”

  1. Amy April 1, 2020 / 12:05 pm

    Thank you! As a fellow music lover, it has been fun checking out some of the artists that are new to me. I really appreciate the time and energy you spend on the blog and choosing a song of the day. Much love. ~Amy ❤️


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