Birdtalker “One”

Listen to the lyrics of this song. Like, reallllllllly listen. And the harmonies, mmmmm those harmonies.

Things that made today a better day

~ We finished the catio that we built for our 5 cats! It’s an enclosed patio in the backyard to keep them safe from the neighborhood coyotes. They got to go outside for the first time in over 2 years and they are the happiest, so we are the happiest.

~Cute husband and I FaceTimed with our dear friends Sat Devbir and Jagatpal. Sat Devbir married my husband and I almost 6 years ago on a beautiful day in Mystic Connecticut.

~I received a book called “American Gardens” that features my Grandfather’s farm in it. He had the MOST beautiful gardens that my brother and cousins and I used to run around and play pretend in. Now I have some pictures of it that I can get inspired by for the gardens in our home.

~ This video….“Brenda’s Beaver Needs a Barber”

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