Dreaming of Ghosts “Where to Look in the Dark”

This song has healing abilities- it penetrates deep, makes you feel all of the things. Slow Shiver (male singer) is a friend, he has a wolf and he makes brilliant and beautiful music- he has an album coming soon that I am very excited about. He also has THIS cover of Billie Eilish’s “When the Party’s Over” that I LOVE.

Things that made today a better day

~ I started an online course called Supreme Sound, taught by one of my favorite teachers and mantra musicians Simrit. I want to find ways to use my voice more effectively, my speaking voice, singing voice, writing voice. There are tools so that my expression comes from a stronger place, a more soulful place. Not that I don’t think it does now, but it would be really cool to have more tools to use to ensure that it is used only for the highest good of myself and others.

~ I took my cat Franny to the vet. All social distancing protocol was followed and the vet took her out of my car and I waiting in the car during the appointment. Franny is fine, she’s just a bigger, older lady cat and needs some special attention sometimes.

~ I received some homemade masks from my friend Rita, who is usually making gorgeous kimonos with so much love. We sent some silly messages and photos to each other with me modeling the masks.

~ I listened to this song on repeat many many times today.

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