Jacob Collier “All Night Long”

This video brings me SO much happiness, so much. It is pure joy, incredible musicianship, and 100000% arranged, orchestrated, recorded, mixed, produced by Jacob himself. Are you kidding me? SO MUCH TALENT IN ONE HUMAN. And he knew exactly what brilliant musicians needed to be a part of it, who would dance and groove and add their harmonies and flavor. It’s glorious, and so needed today. I’ve been wiggling to it all day- all day long.

Things that made today a better day

~ This song

~ Sharing my favorite essential oil tips with some friends

~ Listening to classical music for a project

~ Slept until 10:30am- I didn’t mean to, but I needed it.

~ Learned that Andrea Bocelli is performing a live concert in an empty Duomo in Milan Italy on Easter Sunday- if you want to watch, don’t forget to set a reminder for your time zone, it is at 10am in Los Angeles. It will be on Youtube live. What a special event to witness.

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