S+C+A+R+R “The Rest Of My Days”

I didn’t give you a song yesterday- apologies- it was a harder day than others, and I was under the weather, screens were not my friend.

I come to you with a song that makes up for that in a BIG way. Something to get you moving, to make you smile, to play on repeat and dance to with your family or pet, or self- doesn’t matter, just dance to it. Wiggle, shake, bounce- disconnect from the mind, connect to the feeling.

Fun facts- S+C+A+R+R is French- a larger than life presence- like actually larger than life- the dude is ginormous…in talent, dancing skills, innovation but also…maybe just follow him here and witness him. Also, “Dan Levy from The Dø is the producer behind “The Rest of My Days”. He scored I Lost My Body which was Netflix’s contender for the Oscars this year in the animation category and one of SCARR’s songs is in it” ~ David Abplanalp-Estime (my friend who works with the label)

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