Glass Animals “Dreamland”

A music video made in quarantine. So it’s a making of a music video, music video and I love it. I am in love with pretty much anything Glass Animals have ever done. They have “silky smooth, peanut butter vibes” that are both sexy and refreshing, satisfying all of the senses. This song legitimately takes you into a dreamland- a place we are all sort of experiencing right now (who else’s dreams have been absolutely insane during quarantine???)

They have more music coming to us soon…but the first single will definitely hold me over until then.

Things that made today a better day-

~ I got to SEE, physically SEE some very dear friends yesterday- we waved and jumped up and down and Danny (cute husband) and I were brought some DELICIOUS soup made of all of our favorite Chinese Medicine berries and seeds and fruits and mushrooms. The recipe is from my friend Peter’s grand-mother and it’s divine. And he also brought us a jujube and other goodies sweet tea. I love my friends.

~ I re-arranged my alters for Beltane (today, aka May Day) to offer symbols of abundance, creativity, sensuality (this song and Glass Animals explore sensuality in a huge way) and new life.

~ I did a double meditation this morning that set my day so beautifully.

~Finally started doing some cardio with The Class by Taryn Toomey online- her music collaborations with artists like Roo Panes and Jim James really make it a double whammy experience. wow. I’ll be sore tomorrow, but I feel amazing.

~It’s movie night! We’re watching “White Chicks”- a group of friends have a text chain and we all start the movie at 8pm and text through it- it makes for a very ADD experience, but there are a LOT of laughs, which we can all use right now.

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