Day 6~ Danny Cocke “Repairers of Creation”

Danny Cocke is my husband, my brilliant, creative, huge-hearted husband. “Repairers of Creation” is one of my favorite songs of his. It was inspired by Mr. Roger’s speech after September 11 where he said this…

When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping’.No matter what our particular job, especially in our world today, we all are called to be Tikkun Olam—repairers of creation. Thank you for whatever you do, wherever you are, to bring joy, and light, and hope, and faith, and pardon and love to your neighborhood (community, in the Leopoldian sense) and to yourself

Ooof, we need this now. We need to be thanking everyone on the frontlines of this- healthcare workers, grocery store clerks, pharmacy workers, law enforcement, all of them. TEACHERS, and parents and and and…we’re going to have next level super-parents by the time we are all un-quarantined. God Bless you all. Let’s be helpers whenever, wherever we can. Let’s be repairers of creation.

An aerial silks, hammock and hoop performance Artist named Lisa-Marie Burnside created this absolutely beautiful performance using “Repairers of Creation”. She is one of many artists whose shows and jobs have all been cancelled as a result of the pandemic, and she’s offering Distant Dances “DisDances” for a donation, you present the song and donate to her venmo, and she will create magic such as this for you. It’s really special. Danny and I watched it together in awe today. It covers my “things that made today a better day” things (along with the breathwork I did last night, and the long early early walk this morning)

Day 150~ Active Child “You Are All I See”

If you Think you’re ready, I will lead you now
To a field where it’s buried, somewhere underground
All good things in time, I know we’ll be fine
Buried underneath, you are all I see, you are all I see, you are all I see

I just finished reading “The Shack”, and when I heard this song, the tone and the lyrics instantly made me think of it. It is an incredible, life changing book. This song could be a theme for it.

Active Child