Citizen Cope “Sideways”

This song opened the flood gates this morning. I was doing an online class with Taryn Toomey (btw, The Class by Taryn Toomey online is AMAZING, such a great way to release and sweat and make big sounds to powerful music) This song + the movement in the moment + remembering when I first heard this song way back when (2004) + all of the feelings and emotions about what’s happening in the world= a big ole’ cathartic cry that has left me feeling very open, feelings’y, and grateful for the ability to BE this open and feelings’y. I wasn’t for a long time, including the first time I heard this song (2004) – emotional growth was felt- even if it was a bit raw and I felt sideways ( I was actually sideways when the song was playing, so that might have something to do with it too..)

Glass Animals “Dreamland”

A music video made in quarantine. So it’s a making of a music video, music video and I love it. I am in love with pretty much anything Glass Animals have ever done. They have “silky smooth, peanut butter vibes” that are both sexy and refreshing, satisfying all of the senses. This song legitimately takes you into a dreamland- a place we are all sort of experiencing right now (who else’s dreams have been absolutely insane during quarantine???)

They have more music coming to us soon…but the first single will definitely hold me over until then.

Things that made today a better day-

~ I got to SEE, physically SEE some very dear friends yesterday- we waved and jumped up and down and Danny (cute husband) and I were brought some DELICIOUS soup made of all of our favorite Chinese Medicine berries and seeds and fruits and mushrooms. The recipe is from my friend Peter’s grand-mother and it’s divine. And he also brought us a jujube and other goodies sweet tea. I love my friends.

~ I re-arranged my alters for Beltane (today, aka May Day) to offer symbols of abundance, creativity, sensuality (this song and Glass Animals explore sensuality in a huge way) and new life.

~ I did a double meditation this morning that set my day so beautifully.

~Finally started doing some cardio with The Class by Taryn Toomey online- her music collaborations with artists like Roo Panes and Jim James really make it a double whammy experience. wow. I’ll be sore tomorrow, but I feel amazing.

~It’s movie night! We’re watching “White Chicks”- a group of friends have a text chain and we all start the movie at 8pm and text through it- it makes for a very ADD experience, but there are a LOT of laughs, which we can all use right now.

MANE “My People”

This song is dedicated to all of you, my people. “My People” is a big HEART to HEART HUG of a song to gather all of your people up in. These people just get you and love you no matter what; they know your journey and remind you of how far you’ve come. Your people encourage and bring out the TRUE you. They listen, and ask you to listen, pulling you out of your stuff, and calling you on your s***. They stand by your side and you stand by theirs. Some of your people you’ve never even met – but you know deep down in your heart and soul that they are your people through the virtual experiences that are happening right now and the love you witness them giving. I love all of my people so hard that it makes my heart want to explode sometimes -this song is such a celebration of these relationships. I am in so much gratitude for this song. Thank you MANE.

I’m really excited about MANE. She comes from Australia and has more music coming to us in the upcoming months. Definitely one to keep your ears out for. I already feel like she’s my people.

Bedouine “Heart Take Flight”

Once upon a time, not so long ago (a couple of months or so, I lost track of time) I had a commute, a long commute, about 90 minutes each way. At times, my commute was my least favorite thing about my day as traffic in LA is very unpredictable and I witnessed a lot questionable driver decisions multiple times each way. But now I find myself missing this commute, a lot. While driving, I could play a song as many times as I wanted, over and over and over again and sing it at the top of my lungs without a care in the world without getting funny looks from my hubby- I did that with this song. This is my vocal lesson song, my mantra, my affirmation. Singing it gives me so much joy. “He” in this song is “spirit” or “God” and sometimes I changed it to “She” depending on who I was calling in that day (angels, guides, guardian wise). I love this song so much- it’s grounding and permission giving and loving.

Active Child – Silhouette (Feat Ellie Goulding)

Happy Earth Day beautiful beings!

If you can, be outside as much as humanly possible. Be barefoot, put your feet in the earth. Give yourself a foot massage, thank some houseplants. Thank mother earth for her eternal support- she supports us, we need to support her in more ways.

This song is so incredibly beautiful, powerful- especially this live version. The lyrics-

You’re home, you’ll never be alone
You’re home, you’ll never be alone
You’re home, to be alone
You’re home, hope you find your way home

Home is wherever you are here on earth. It’s in you, it’s your center, your heart, your body. YOU are home.

S+C+A+R+R “The Rest Of My Days”

I didn’t give you a song yesterday- apologies- it was a harder day than others, and I was under the weather, screens were not my friend.

I come to you with a song that makes up for that in a BIG way. Something to get you moving, to make you smile, to play on repeat and dance to with your family or pet, or self- doesn’t matter, just dance to it. Wiggle, shake, bounce- disconnect from the mind, connect to the feeling.

Fun facts- S+C+A+R+R is French- a larger than life presence- like actually larger than life- the dude is ginormous…in talent, dancing skills, innovation but also…maybe just follow him here and witness him. Also, “Dan Levy from The Dø is the producer behind “The Rest of My Days”. He scored I Lost My Body which was Netflix’s contender for the Oscars this year in the animation category and one of SCARR’s songs is in it” ~ David Abplanalp-Estime (my friend who works with the label)