The Lone Bellow “Telluride”

In Kundalini Yoga, you learn about the 5 Sutras for the Aquarian age (which we are in right now), 5 principals to live by, 5 sentences that easily sum up what are actually quite complex spiritual concepts. Here they are…

1. Recognize that the other person is you.
2. There is a way through every block.
3. When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off.
4. Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times.
5. Vibrate the cosmos, and the cosmos shall clear the path.

I highlighted the 3rd sutra, because that is the one guiding me these days. The relief that comes after taking one step out of your comfort zone is HUGE. Trudging through the beginning of a seemingly difficult or daunting task, I have been experiencing this relief moment after those first steps. If you need someone to push you, talk about it, express what you want to do,what needs to be done and be accountable for it. That is how it works for me.
In the last couple of months I talked to my friends, teachers, and guides, so much about how disconnected I felt from any other music besides the music being used in my current work projects and even that passion was dwindling. I wasn’t listening to music for my own personal enjoyment anymore, I was finding it hard to even connect to work projects, and it was making me depressed, uninspired. I would mentioned the days of writing my blog, when I felt so connected to and inspired by lyrics, melodies, and rhythms that move us all so much, and sharing my experiences with those songs made my connection even stronger to music, and to people, but I was not taking any action to change.
There were so many excuses that I quickly came up with to not write anymore, “I’m not a good enough writer”, “no-one cares”, “so many people are already doing this music blog thing, why should I”, so many insecure, self conjured “I’m not good enough” thoughts. Through the process of me talking about my desire/need to be creative and my mis-directed creative excuse making, a good friend told me “if you’re doing it for an audience, you’re missing the point, do it for you, your heart and soul searching, do it to regain your connectedness and inspiration, just do it, just write one and see how you feel”. I rechecked my motives, jumped in, and this feels so so so good.
What aren’t you doing right now that you need to be doing? What are your excuses, and your motivation for not taking action? WHY aren’t you creating, expressing, letting go of, taking action on, beginning? Just start, and the pressure will be off! I promise.

The Lone Bellow caught my attention with their perfect harmonies.

Matt Corby “Monday”

Matt Corby hasn’t released any music in 2 years, and I haven’t written a blog in over a year; I want to thank Matt Corby for releasing this beautiful, soulful, natural and raw song today.  I have sat for the last week wanting to write a “new” first posting on 365music, wanting to share music that I love with you, music that you don’t know about or might have forgotten about and need to be reminded of how beautiful and relevant to life it is at the exact moment you listen;  but I didn’t write, until today.

Thank you Matt Corby for coming back around with your music after taking the time that you needed to do whatever it is you needed to do, experience life,  create, seek inspiration and then find the courage to release it to us. I also needed that time, and your new song “Monday” has inspired me to come back around again.

The format of 365music will be different this time. I wrote a post a day for 4 years, every single day, and that is not realistic for me right now. What I can do, and am very excited to do again is share songs, artists, experiences, love, insight and motivation that I find, with you, whenever I can. Spoonfuls of delicious audio, visual, spiritual and soulful delights.

I know it’s Wednesday…I can Monday if I want.

Monday is about being able to appreciate where you are and thinking that maybe you don’t need anything much to depend on, you just need accept what’s going on right now x Matt Corby

Day 1~ Christine and The Queens “Paradis Perdu”

It has been 108 days since my “last” blog post and in those 108 days my enthusiasm for non-work related music listening has dwindled. This is a sad to admit. I love music; it is my passion turned career, and occasional burn out is an occupational hazard. Music excites me, inspires me, motivates me, and I know now that sharing it with you helped keep that fire bright and roaring. I quit quitting this blog. 365days of music, 1 song at a time is back.

My love for Christine and the Queens”>Christine and the Queens was instant, the moment her voice touched my ears, then straight to my heart. Her album Chaleur Humaine is out now in France and Canada; and soon we will have it in the US (I pray). She’s been featured here on 365 a couple of times already and that is because she should be heard as often as possible. J’adore.

Day 365~ Cat Stevens “If you want to sing out”

Day 365~ The final day of my blog. You all have been amazing followers and without you I probably would have stopped 3 years ago, but I kept on because sharing my musical experiences with you has been such a huge gift to me. It has kept me super excited about music, old and new, so thank you.
I might be back with some new ideas, new music, experiences for you, but for now I am going to chill, and fine some other new adventures to share experience, strength, hope and tunes.

So much love to you all!

Day 364~ Dan Owen “Ballad of Hollis Brown” (Bob Dylan)

LISTEN, This 21 year old/young man is absolutely incredible.
His story is amazing, he is amazing and has yet to record in a studio, everything you hear now is live.

He flunked his music exam. Well, of course he did. Trying to teach Dan Owen about music is like trying to teach a fish to swim, or a bird to fly. He already knows it. It’s instinctive. It comes naturally. He’s been playing since he was nine, playing live since he was 13 and will probably continue to do until he leaves this mortal coil. Dan is a lifer. He’s not playing guitar to win a competition, to impress girls or to earn a fast buck – though the last two of those would be nice. Nah. Dan’s the real deal. He’s in it for the long haul. There’s nothing fake or manufactured about Dan….Dan’s voice is a thing of beauty. It’s as much of an instrument as his battered Gibson guitar.